Speeding Ticket Attorney New Jersey

The overwhelming majority majority of speeding charges in New Jersey are established via radar as opposed to the “pacing” method. In terms of the type of radar employed, most New Jersey speeding cases involve the K-55 radar. Provided the radar is properly set up, has been tested for accuracy and is functioning correctly, the related readings are admissible to establish a violation (i.e. prove unlawful speed in relation to the posted limit). Secondary radar devices used in the state include the Mark VI and LTI Marksman Laser. If you were pulled over on a NJ highway or roadway, it is likely that radar was employed by the officer. You need to inform yourself of these types of radar equipment and there proofs if you hope to be able to defend against your Speeding ticket, under N.J.S.A. 39:4-98.

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Five Point Speeding Ticket Downgraded to Zero Point Violation

Recently, we appeared in a Mercer County municipal court on behalf of a client who was charged with driving 91 MPH in a 55 MPH Zone. This was a 36 MPH speeding violation, which carried not only a five (5) point assessment on my client’s license but also caused the judge to indicate his intention to suspend my client’s license, should the conviction stand, based on his “willful” violation of the motor vehicle statute N.J.S.A. 39:4-98.  The State’s initial offer was for a guilty plea to the original offense as well as a thirty (30) day suspension of my client’s driving privileges. This was vehemently rejected and the matter was set for trial. On our trial date, further discovery demands uncovered deficiencies in the State’s case, namely there lack of a radar log and testing prior to use. This proved fatal to the State’s case. Based on these findings, the State was obliged to downgrade the charges to a zero-point violation for unsafe operation of a motor vehicle and no loss of license.

NJ Speeding Ticket Points

Speeding violations will lead to an assessment of points from motor vehicle based on your speed established during the trial or guilty plea. Specifically, any speed between 1 – 14 MPH over the posted speed limit will carry two (2) points; any speed between 15 – 29 MPH over the posted speed limit will carry four (4) points; any speed of 30 MPH or more in excess the posted speed limit will carry five (5) points. These points will result in yearly surcharges, correlating insurance premium point assessments, and administrative license suspensions courtesy of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

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