Speeding tickets (N.J.S.A.39:4-98) are some of the most common traffic violations. They threaten to cost you in fines and insurance rate hikes. Don’t let them cost you. Get the skill of an attorney on your side to fight the ticket.

New Brunswick Speeding Violation Attorney

Between our lawyers, we have been contesting traffic violations for over 100 combined years. We get results for our clients. When traffic violations threaten to cost you big, get the courtroom strength of the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall on your side.

If you have received a careless driving summons for speeding, it is important that you have legal representation on your side that understands the charges and the factors that make the difference between you paying costly fees and having your ticket thrown out.

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New Jersey Speeding Ticket Attorney

Radar Gun Speeding Cases

We force the state to provide the necessary certificates of calibration and tuning to certificates to prove that the radar had been calibrated accurately. We will also require a current operator’s card for the police officer who used the radar to determine your speed.

We are highly skilled in contesting the circumstances surrounding a speeding ticket. Put our broad knowledge to work in your case.

Speeding Tickets Clocked by Laser

It is acceptable for law enforcement to take your speed by laser reader. The prosecution must show, however, that the laser had been checked and the officer adequately trained in its operation. We will look into the maintenance of the laser and the logs to determine when it had last been checked. We also review the conditions under which it was used. In cases of bad weather, the readings can be inadmissible.