Cell Phone Ticket License Suspension

Since July 1, 2014, clients have been calling to obtain the services of my office for their cell phone violations. The reason why is because on July 1, 2014, the New Jersey Legislature amended the “hand-held portable electronic device” (i.e. cell phone) traffic violation. Specifically, they altered the punishments for such an offense by increasing the fines for second and third offenders, three (3) points on your drivers license for a third or subsequent offense, as well as implementing a license suspension for those individuals who have three of more cell phone ticket offenses. This often comes as a surprise to many residents since, in the past, officers, prosecutors and judges have openly accepted these pleas without advice on enhancing penalties since none existed before 2014. Many individuals find it unfair (and rightfully so) that they are now facing a loss of license when no one told them that such a penalty could ever be imposed. This license suspension will be for three (3) months, which could jeopardize your job. The only way to avoid these suspensions is through a concerted effort of negotiations with the prosecutor and hard fought advocacy before the judge.

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Third Cell Phone Ticket Amended to No Point $56 Dollar Ticket With No Suspension

Recently, I had such a case where my client had plead guilty to three cellphone tickets way before the implementation of the new statute. When she received her fourth ticket, she quickly learned that she was facing serious repercussions. As a third or subsequent offender, she was facing an $800 fine, three points on her license, and a 90-day license suspension. Once my office got involved, we were able to find holes in the State’s case and obtain an amended charge in the plea agreement to a traffic violation that involved 0 points, no license suspension, and a $56 fine. All in all, it was a positive result.

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