New Jersey Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyers

A municipal or the State of New Jersey cannot enforce a speed limit unless the related sign is properly posted and approved. In order to be properly posted, the speed limit sign must provide notice not only on the roadway but also on all entrances to the highway. This requirement is intended to insure that reasonable notice of the lawful rate of speed is provided to motorist.

Beyond Proper Notice of Speed Limit: Other Requirements for Finding of Guilt in Speeding Tickets

Proper posting of a speed limit sign is not enough. The sign must also be properly approved in accordance with State regulation, local ordinance or resolution. The entity or individual providing the related approval is the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation, the Board of Chosen Freeholders of a particular county, or the governing Board or town counsel of a municipality. These are generally deemed to be the proper authorities for setting signage and speeds in the interests of public safety. What is important to keep in mind in this regard is that the speed limit sign is simply the notice to motorist of the lawful speed limit. The related regulation, ordinance or resolution is what is to be enforced and the sign memorializes and notifies drivers of exactly what the law permits in terms of the posted speed limit.

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