Reckless Driving Ticket NJ

New Jersey, like any other state, has a variety of statutes that prohibit certain types of unsafe driving. One of the most serious of these is Reckless Driving. A Reckless Driving offense carries up to sixty (60) days in jail, a $200 fine, ninety (90) day loss of license, and a Motor Vehicle Commission imposed 5 points on your license. Altogether these penalties seem severe, as the should.  However, you also face additional financial obligations as your insurance carrier will likely increase your monthly premium or, depending on you record, drop you from the insurance policy altogether. The best way to avoid these penalties and hardships would be to consult with an attorney about how you can avoid the pitfalls of a Reckless Driving charge. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is a full-service criminal and traffic defense law firm. We offer our clients the resources and experience of a team of former municipal and county prosecutors. If you or someone you know has been issued a traffic ticket for Reckless Driving and do not want to lose your license, contact our office today at (877) 450-8301. The initial consultation is always provided free of charge.

Reckless Driving Ticket Amended to No-Point Ticket

Today, I resolved a traffic ticket matter for a Union County commuter charged with Reckless Driving by having the charge downgraded to a “no point” moving violation. While my client still had to pay the court fines and assessments commensurate with the amended charge, the client was able to prevent an insurance premium increase, points on their license, license suspension and any possibility of jail. Suffice to say, my client was happy to walk out of the court with such a result. In transient Union County towns like Elizabeth, Cranford, and Springfield, the major highways create many temptations to drive fast or recklessly in “willful or wanton disregard for the rights or safety of others.” While the result in this particular case may not be indicative of what will happen for your Reckless Driving Charges, it is important o recognize that you do not just have to plead guilty to your charges. Depending on your driving record and the circumstances of your alleged offense, you may be best suited fighting your ticket at trial or employing someone to advocate with the judge on your behalf.

For more information on you Reckless Driving charges, contact a traffic ticket lawyer at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall today at 1 (877) 450-8301. The initial consultation is always free and we will help advise you on your New Jersey traffic violation.