New Jersey penalties for driving without insurance are harsh.

A conviction of driving without insurance (N.J.S.A. 39:6-B2) causes you to automatically lose your license for one year, slap you with $1,000 in fines and mandatory community service. This is greater than either a first offense DWI or marijuana possession charge.

Don’t risk facing these charges without a highly skilled attorney who knows the process of handling these cases and minimizing charges.

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Driving Without Insurance in New Jersey

We know the questions to probe in your defense. Your situation is unique, and we will help show that it doesn’t warrant a penalty. There are many circumstances that may have contributed to you driving without insurance.

  • A cancellation of your insurance without your knowledge or consent
  • Driving the car of someone visiting New Jersey
  • An assumption that you were covered by a family member’s insurance
  • A situation that did not fall within the definition of “operating without insurance”

We know that life is sometimes unexpected. Situations arise. Each case is unique. We will work with you to show that your circumstances played a role in your charges.

Uninsured Driver Attorney

A second offense driving without insurance is even more costly than the first. Coming to us following a second offense, you can be assured that we will provide effective representation, reviewing the past charges and helping to minimize those, lowering the penalties for your current charge.