New Jersey License Suspensions for Failure to Pay Court Fines or Comply with Time Payment Order

The lawyers at our firm receive many calls from individuals whose drivers license has been suspended by the court for failure to pay fines. While this type of suspension usually arises out of a default on a court approved payment plan, there are actually a variety of ways this can occur (e.g. bounced check, dishonored credit card payment, general forgetfulness, etc.). Irrespective of the nature of the suspension, our attorneys know the best way to navigate through the system to get an individual’s license restored as quickly and easily as possible.

Reasonable Time to Pay Fines Before Triggering a Failure to Pay Fines Suspension

Although fines are intended to punish an individual for violating the law, Court are obligated to provide individuals with a reasonable time period to make payment provided they can establish a bona fide inability to pay in full. In other words, the court should not order a motorist to immediately pay a fine that they clearly cannot afford. A reasonable payment plan should be agreed to and approved by the court under this circumstance. If there is a default in making payment under the plan, then the court is authorized to take appropriate action, including issuance of a warrant and/or suspension of the defendant’s driving privileges.

If your driving privileges are suspended for a failure to pay a fine, you could be pulled over at a later date and charged with Driving While Suspended, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 39:3-40.

If you find yourself subject to a suspension for failing to pay a fine, we can help you. A lawyer from the firm will review the facts of your case and, in most situations, we can get your case re-listed expeditiously. This will provide us with the opportunity to get the suspension recalled, something which we are able to achieve in almost cases. Give us a call at (877) 450-8301 for immediate assistance in restoring your license.