If you’re a driver in the Garden State, understanding the traffic laws is not just about avoiding penalties; it’s about contributing to road safety for everyone. One such law that’s often overlooked but equally important is the prohibition against delaying traffic, cited in the New Jersey Revised Statutes under Section 39:4-56. Whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned one, you might be wondering what exactly this law entails and how it could affect you, especially if you find yourself facing a traffic offense charge in New Jersey.

Delaying Traffic – 39:4-56 Explained

This law essentially prohibits drivers from operating a vehicle in a way that could obstruct traffic flow or pose a risk to people, animals, or property. The law covers a range of scenarios, including but not limited to driving a poorly maintained vehicle that could break down and cause a traffic jam, or hauling an improperly loaded trailer that could result in accidents.

Key Components Of The Law

Vehicle Condition

The condition of your vehicle plays a significant role under this statute. For example, driving a car that is smoke-belching or likely to stall would be against this law.

Construction Of The Vehicle

The law doesn’t only apply to conventional vehicles like cars and trucks, but potentially to any vehicle “so constructed” to cause a delay. This could mean a custom vehicle that is not properly designed for safe driving, or even industrial vehicles if they are not suited for the public roads they are on.

Loading Of The Vehicle

If your vehicle is carrying a load (this often applies to trucks), it must be safely and properly loaded. An improperly loaded vehicle not only jeopardizes your safety but poses a risk to others on the road.

The Legal Consequences

Violation of this statute could result in a $55.00 fine, although typically there are no points on your driving record.

NJ Traffic Offense Attorneys Can Help Reduce Negative Impacts from Violating Delaying Traffic – 39:4-56

Understanding NJ Revised Statutes § 39:4-56 is crucial for anyone who drives in New Jersey. The law aims to keep the roads safe for all users by preventing any form of delays or hazards caused by the condition, construction, or loading of vehicles. If you find yourself facing a traffic ticket, seeking professional legal counsel is paramount.

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